My counselling practice in Sussex and London is the result of experience over more than thirty years where professional and personal discoveries have led me to create ways of working with people that can be effective with all ages and with diverse human concerns, from the practical to the most profound.


I offer what is known as an integrative counselling approach. This means that once we assess your needs, I draw on a range of different resources to bring therapeutic help to personal or professional, emotional, cognitive, behavioural, creative, existential, philosophical or spiritual concerns.
I am aware that the “talking cure” is not always enough, and to help with those human concerns that lie beyond the scope of psychology, I have developed a healing counselling practice.  This psychotherapy practice is informed by ancient psycho-spiritual therapeutic techniques preserved for millennia by healers in indigenous cultures and adapted to suit 21st century living.

Whether you are dealing with the sort of psychological symptoms or with something that is hard to define, I am happy to talk to you about your needs.  Whatever they may be, underpinning all my work is an attunement to the unique nature of your individual human journey with its myriad possibilities.



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